Honda CX-02, The New Adventurers Motorcycle From Honda India

After showing Honda CX-01 at Auto Expo 2014, 2016 Honda Auto Expo in India post successors i.e. Honda CX-02. This motorcycle developed by Honda R&D 2Wheeler India.

If Honda CX-01 is inspiring the birth of the Honda Hornet CB 160, a series of sport naked, then the CX-02, predictable is the version of this sport adventure of Hornet CB 160 with half fairing body. If seen at a glance, CX-02 this looks similar to the Honda NC750X in circulation in Europe.
honda cx-02


Honda CX-02 has a futuristic body design with a sharp body lines and firm. Headlamp, brake lights and headlights sein has also brings the LEDs. Unfortunately, the specification of the details have yet to be notified by Honda India.

If looking at the engine, it appears the configuration of two parallel cylinder DOHC. There is a possibility if the engine using the engine from the Honda CB500.


MINI company, Launches All-new Clubman in Singapore


The company’s MINI Asia, presents the latest variant of the Clubman models at the Museum of Art and Design, Singapore, on Friday (5/2). With the tagline “The Gentleman”, the New Clubman was present for a young family. Autocar Indonesia and became one of the media outlets which exclusively invited to witness it in the land of the lion before rolling it out in Indonesia Indonesia MINI mid March 2016.

MINI Clubman latest present revolutionary than its predecessor. If the Clubman before adopting the five-door (the one on the left side, two on the right side, and two on the back ala suicide doors), the latest Clubman adopted six doors. Both sides are equally has two doors, but the idiosyncrasies of split-door in the aft are retained.

Clubman also this time using the latest UKL2 platform, which will be shared with the latest MINI Countryman models, as well as the brother of his BMW, Active Tourer racing, Gran Tourer racing, and the new x 1. The use of this new platform makes it much different from Cooper 5-door; longer and wider 50 mm 270mm.

Whether Renault would be provided with Wheelbarrows AMT Launched August 2016?


Renault automatic transmitting Wheelbarrows finally launched at Auto Expo 2016 in India. However, the transmission went is not truly automatic, but rather the AMT. On this system perseneling is driven by an electronic device to shift gears quickly. The weakness of this system is on pause displacement between the gear quite noticeably.

Well, don’t just wear gearbox AMT, compact SUV is also getting other revision in the fascia of the car. This can be seen from the use of the main lights, a new grille and new alloy wheelbaru. Additionally feature other rail adalahroof new design, the LED rear lights, electrical rear view mirror folder navigation system, air conditioning, climate control, the camera backwards, and cruise control.

In the machine sector experienced no change. Renault Renault still use Wheelbarrows Wheelbarrows provided 4 x 4, engine 1.5 dCi VGT turbointercooler which generate power 110 hp. application of the AMT will make car prices rise, so will put it at the top of the Renault line-up Wheelbarrows in Indonesia.

Renault Wheelbarrows AMT will go to Indonesia to coincide with the event the Gaikindo 2016 Indonesia International Auto SHow, which will take place next August? Yes, it should work since it was first launched in 2014, prompting Wheelbarrows is only present in a choice of manual transmission with double motion system selection: 4 x 2 and 4 x 4.

PT Piaggio Indonesia (PID) soon released the vespa new products

PT Piaggio Indonesia  (PID) as agent for the holder of trademark for the Piaggio, Vespa, Moto Guzzi Aprilian, and soon released the vespa new products.

“New products Skate before entering a two-semester,” said PR and Communication Manager of PT Indonesia Piaggio Robby Gozal in Jakarta, Thursday, January 21, 2016.

Robby is still not willing to reveal more details about that product. “A great Opportunity (to launch the product), wants more than two,” he said. For info about motorcycle piaggio visit


On that occasion, Robby revealed that sales in the overall product is quite good despite the decline.

“But it’s not significant, no more than a drop in the auto industry as a whole. Our sales are down also the factors because there is no product that we sell here, such as Piaggio Liberty. If the sale of the vespa is stable enough, “explains Robby.

He added the Vespa 150 Sprint is still an idol in Indonesia followed by the most sought-after Tickets.

“The outside expectations that sales Vespa S 125. Brilliant sales, “said Robby gave the signal the possibility there is a refreshment of color on a Vespa S 125.

“Many women riders who choose the Vespa S 125, perhaps because of the high degree of fitting and more lightly,” he added.

Yamaha Aerox finally present in Indonesia under the name Aerox 125LC

After a legend more than a decade in Europe, the highest caste Yamaha Aerox finally present in Indonesia under the name Aerox 125LC.

“We take pride in producing the highest caste entrusted Aerox 125 cc-the first in the world there,” said Assistant GM Marketing PT Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing (YIMM), Mohammad Masykur, at Sentul International Circuit, Bogor, Monday, January 18, 2016.

Aerox 125LC motor characteristic body design brings the sport seen to contain on the front and tapered in the back.

The design of the front lights resembling a water duct YZR-M1 and adopt LED lighting technology. Rear body model with pointy lights pointed grip design hidden passengers.

Speedometer-his adopted sport watches models. In the meantime, Smart Shutter Key functions can be used as key contacts, access to the trunk to open seats, and a safety when parking. Scooter matic equipped engine 125 cc 4-stroke with maximum power 8, 4kW (11, 2PS)/9000 rpm. The engine also powered Liquid Cooled to the temperature stability of the machine as well as the technology Forged pistons and DiASil Cylinder.

Aerox 125LC available three colors, i.e. Blue, Racing Champion Matt Grey, and Light Speed White. The sale price for on the road from Jakarta is Rp 18.2 million.