Whether Renault would be provided with Wheelbarrows AMT Launched August 2016?


Renault automatic transmitting Wheelbarrows finally launched at Auto Expo 2016 in India. However, the transmission went is not truly automatic, but rather the AMT. On this system perseneling is driven by an electronic device to shift gears quickly. The weakness of this system is on pause displacement between the gear quite noticeably.

Well, don’t just wear gearbox AMT, compact SUV is also getting other revision in the fascia of the car. This can be seen from the use of the main lights, a new grille and new alloy wheelbaru. Additionally feature other rail adalahroof new design, the LED rear lights, electrical rear view mirror folder navigation system, air conditioning, climate control, the camera backwards, and cruise control.

In the machine sector experienced no change. Renault Renault still use Wheelbarrows Wheelbarrows provided 4 x 4, engine 1.5 dCi VGT turbointercooler which generate power 110 hp. application of the AMT will make car prices rise, so will put it at the top of the Renault line-up Wheelbarrows in Indonesia.

Renault Wheelbarrows AMT will go to Indonesia to coincide with the event the Gaikindo 2016 Indonesia International Auto SHow, which will take place next August? Yes, it should work since it was first launched in 2014, prompting Wheelbarrows is only present in a choice of manual transmission with double motion system selection: 4 x 2 and 4 x 4.