PT Piaggio Indonesia (PID) soon released the vespa new products

PT Piaggio Indonesia  (PID) as agent for the holder of trademark for the Piaggio, Vespa, Moto Guzzi Aprilian, and soon released the vespa new products.

“New products Skate before entering a two-semester,” said PR and Communication Manager of PT Indonesia Piaggio Robby Gozal in Jakarta, Thursday, January 21, 2016.

Robby is still not willing to reveal more details about that product. “A great Opportunity (to launch the product), wants more than two,” he said. For info about motorcycle piaggio visit


On that occasion, Robby revealed that sales in the overall product is quite good despite the decline.

“But it’s not significant, no more than a drop in the auto industry as a whole. Our sales are down also the factors because there is no product that we sell here, such as Piaggio Liberty. If the sale of the vespa is stable enough, “explains Robby.

He added the Vespa 150 Sprint is still an idol in Indonesia followed by the most sought-after Tickets.

“The outside expectations that sales Vespa S 125. Brilliant sales, “said Robby gave the signal the possibility there is a refreshment of color on a Vespa S 125.

“Many women riders who choose the Vespa S 125, perhaps because of the high degree of fitting and more lightly,” he added.