Honda CX-02, The New Adventurers Motorcycle From Honda India

After showing Honda CX-01 at Auto Expo 2014, 2016 Honda Auto Expo in India post successors i.e. Honda CX-02. This motorcycle developed by Honda R&D 2Wheeler India.

If Honda CX-01 is inspiring the birth of the Honda Hornet CB 160, a series of sport naked, then the CX-02, predictable is the version of this sport adventure of Hornet CB 160 with half fairing body. If seen at a glance, CX-02 this looks similar to the Honda NC750X in circulation in Europe.
honda cx-02


Honda CX-02 has a futuristic body design with a sharp body lines and firm. Headlamp, brake lights and headlights sein has also brings the LEDs. Unfortunately, the specification of the details have yet to be notified by Honda India.

If looking at the engine, it appears the configuration of two parallel cylinder DOHC. There is a possibility if the engine using the engine from the Honda CB500.